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(Friday, May 4, 2007) — Let's Dish!
From Shereen Jegtvig,
Your Guide to Nutrition.

The Bottom Line
Finding the time to prepare delicious and healthy meals at home is tough. Lots of time spent shopping for ingredients, having to buy more than you need (what do you do with the leftover miso paste?), making a big mess in the kitchen - just thinking of all of the clean-up makes me want to order out. Wouldn't it be great if creating delicious home-cooked healthy dinners could be fun and easy, and not such a chore?

Let's Dish! makes it possible for you to create restaurant-style dishes at one of their cheerful meal preparation stores. Saving time and serving beautiful meals is so easy when you start with Let's Dish!

•Make several delicious and healthy meals for easy week-night dinners.
•No mess in your kitchen, they clean up after you.
•Home-cooked dinners without the grocery shopping.
•No need to let unused ingredients go to waste on your kitchen shelves.
•Friendly and helpful staff make meal preparing easy.

•Let's Dish! stores not located in every state yet.

•Customers prepare high-quality meals at workstations fully stocked with fresh ingredients.
•The meals can be cooked at home or stored in the freezer for easy-to-cook healthy meals on those busy weeknights.
•Don't want to dish your own? For a little higher price, the staff at Let's Dish! will do it for you. Just pick up and go.
•You can tweak the recipes to suit your tastes, or those of the picky eaters in your family.
•More than a dozen dishes are available and the menu changes each month. Side dishes and desserts are available too.
•Go to their website to set up a time for your two hour dishing session or to order dishes to be picked up.
•Their website lists the nutrition information for each dish. You know exactly how healthy your meal will be.
•Each dish is designed to serve six people, however the dishes can be split into convenient servings of three.
•The friendly staff staff will answer your questions, provide cooking tips, and clean up after you. How great is that?
•Let's Dish! is very community-oriented and has programs available for local schools and organizations.

Guide Review - Let's Dish!
I came across the website for Let's Dish! and I decided that a meal preparation store might make for an interesting review. I was very curious about what I would find when I paid a visit to their store in Woodbury, Minnesota. The manager, Kristine Iturrino, was very friendly. She gave me a tour and described the whole process of "dishing" to me. At Let's Dish!, customers choose recipes, assemble the ingredients and package the dishes for freezing and cooking at home.

The ingredients available at each workstation were very fresh and appealing. All of the stations were immaculate and the ingredients were well organized and fully stocked, including measuring cups and spoons. Each station displayed easy to follow recipes. The customers appeared to be having a great time.

There were several dishes to choose from, and they are very sensibly priced at an average of $3.00 to $4.00 per serving. Frozen side dishes are also available to complete your meals.
I chose to make an Oriental pork wrap, which included a lean pork roast in a marinade of soy sauce, rice vinegar, brown sugar, ginger and some wonderful hot peppers. The do-it-yourself aspect was great because I was able to add a little extra pepper. Kristine assured me that the pork would be very tender. The recipe also included a bag of peanuts, a bag of carrot shreds, sauce for the wraps and a beautiful head of hydroponic lettuce. The lettuce still had its roots intact so it was as fresh as if it were still in a garden.

I took the dish home along with the cooking instructions and it was just as delicious as Kristine promised it would be. The lettuce was perfect for wrapping and the pork was amazingly tender. The crunchy peanuts and carrots added texture and the sauce was sweet and tangy.
I had a great experience with Let's Dish! Look for one of their stores in your area.

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