Basic Information

What Is It?
Let's Dish! is a whole new way to feed your family fresh, craveable food at home. At our stores customers make delicious, freezer-ready meals in less than two hours. Or, customers can simply order meals online and let our staff do the rest. You sign up and pay online before your session. Learn All About Dishing.

Dishes are available in packages of various sizes – and each dish serves six people. While exact prices vary by location due to varying food costs around the country, most packages cost less than $3.00 per serving – that’s less than fast food. Find a Let's Dish! store near you to see package costs in your area.

Session Times
Most people finish dishing in less than two hours. Sessions are conveniently offered in the morning, afternoon, and evening throughout the week. To view the calendar for the store in your area, go to the sign up page, then choose your store and the type of session you want to attend.

Find a Let's Dish! store near you.

Bringing a Spouse, Friend, Children
You can definitely bring another adult to dish with you. (You can even invite a friend along during the registration process.) Because we are a commercial kitchen, young children can not participate due to health department regulations. Children 12 years of age or older are welcome to dish.

Sharing/Splitting a Registration
You can split a session with one other person. You can either split each six-serving meal into two portions of three servings each. Or, you can each take home half of the meals you make. We have all the extra packaging you'll need. If two people are sharing a registration, you must work through the stations together for your convenience and the convenience of our other customers.

Wheelchair/Handicap Accessibility
Our staff will be happy to accommodate any special needs you may have during a session. Please let us know if you need any assistance.

In-store Refreshments 
There will be snacks and beverages available during your session. In a few stores, you may bring alternative beverages to your session. Health department regulations vary by state, so please contact your local store for more information.

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