Serving Sizes
Each meal serves six people (or four if you have large appetites or teenagers). Sound like too much food for you? You can split each six-serving meal into two, three-serving meals.

Alternatively, you can split a session with one other person. You can either split each six-serving meal into two portions of three servings each. Or, you can each take home half of the meals you make. We have all the extra packaging you'll need. If two people are sharing a registration, you must work through the stations together for your convenience and the convenience of our other customers.

Food Allergies/Customizing Dishes
Our food is meant to be customized to suit your family’s tastes, style, and eating habits. Because all meals may be customized, (leaving out any ingredient), most people with allergies have no problem dishing. Please review the menu descriptions and list of ingredients on the web site and choose food appropriate for your dietary restrictions.

All ingredients/packaging are available to you in the store. Please plan to arrive 15 minutes early for your session if you need to review ingredient labels.

Organic Products
We are committed to using the best quality ingredients possible in our dishes, while still providing you a great value. Not all products at Let’s Dish! are organic.

Dietary/Nutritional Information
Detailed nutritional information is available online for each item on our menus during the sign-up process. After you sign up, the information is stored in your personal history and can be accessed online at any time – just login and visit the My Cookbook section.

Sampling the Food
You can drop in any time to purchase an individual pre-made dish. In addition, we sometimes serve samples of our menu items during our scheduled dishing sessions.

About Our Recipes
Each Let's Dish! recipe is designed and tested by a team of culinary professionals. The culinary team ensures that all dishes taste delicious, are easy to prepare at Let’s Dish!, and work well in your kitchen. They ensure each meal is perfect for dishing and meets our customers’ high standards.

Our recipes are specifically developed for retail meal preparation. They are not available in a home-cook format.

Bringing Food Home
Bring a cooler to carry your meals home – if you’re traveling more than 20 minutes, pack the cooler with ice. Our friendly staff can help you carry your dishes to the car.

Packaging/Freezer Space
We provide a variety of packaging options that will easily fit in any standard size freezer and still leave room for your ice-cream, frozen veggies, and other frozen foods.

Returning Food Products
For health and safety reasons, we cannot accept product returns of any kind. If you have an issue with a product purchased at Let’s Dish! or questions about our refund/return policy, please contact us.

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