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Sign Up Basics
Signing up for a session is easy. In the All about Dishing section of the site, you can view slide shows that walk you through the sign up process for:
  In-Store Sessions
  Private Parties
  Dish-n-Dash® (where we prepare the food for you)
You can also learn about how to set up a Business Event at Let's Dish!.

Registering Offline
Online registration is the fastest and easiest way to sign up. If you do not have internet access, please contact your local store to register and have your credit card handy.

Payment Options
You pay online at the time of your registration with a Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, or a Let's Dish! gift certificate.

Splitting a Session with a Friend
You can split a session with one other person. You can either split each six-serving meal into two portions of three servings each. Or, you can each take home half of the meals you make. We have all the extra packaging you'll need. If two people are sharing a registration, you must work through the stations together for your convenience and the convenience of our other customers.

Ordering Multiples of the Same Menu Item
Like an item so much you want to order it twice? Simply put the number “2” in the quantity box when you are choosing your menu selections. Generally, the limit is two orders of each dish. We do, however, sometimes run promotions that allow you to order more than two orders of one dish. When we do, we’ll let you know on this web site. 

Troubleshooting Menu Total Calculators
The total calculators on the menu selections pages do not work in all web browsers. If the calculator is not working for you, try viewing the site on Internet Explorer (Version 5.5 or higher). If you prefer not to change browsers, don’t worry. Our site is still recording your choices and you will see a summary of everything you order before your credit card is charged. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Seeing My Ratings on Menus
If you have participated in a Let's Dish! session or purchased Dish-n-Dash in the past and have rated the dishes you previously prepared; your ratings will show up whenever you are logged in and visit a menu page. If you are not seeing your ratings, please login and visit the menu again. 

Dishing with Friends
There are several ways you can invite a friend (or a few friends) to dish with you:
  Invite-a-Friend: Our invite Invite-a-Friend feature makes it easy for small groups to sign up for the same session at the same time. When the first person signs up for an In-Store Session, he or she can email friends with the date, time, and location of the session.
  Host a Private Party: Host a party for up to 16 friends – you choose the date and location, your guests choose and pay for their own meals. Learn more.
  Host a Business Event: Get your co-workers cookin’ with a customized party from Let's Dish! Learn more.

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