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It’s the most productive two hours you’ll have all month. At a Let's Dish! In-store Session, you’ll make up to 12 fresh and delicious family-sized dishes (4-6 servings each). Here’s how it works:

Order Online
1First, you’ll need to sign up online. It takes just a few minutes to choose a session and select your favorites from our delicious monthly menu. You can even invite a friend to come with you. (Recommended: someone who might invite you to dinner!)

Get Ready to Dish
2Clear some space in your freezer. (Were you really going to eat that... that... what's in that container anyway?) Bring a cooler to carry your meals home with you.

At Your Session
3There’s a designated workstation stocked with fresh ingredients for each of your dishes. Follow the easy recipe directions (tweaking to suit your family's tastes). Enjoy a complimentary snack, and the company of your fellow dishers.

Once at Home: Ta-daa. Dinner!
4Whenever you're ready, follow the thawing and heating instructions on the label of each dish. Presto! A fabulous, home-cooked dinner the whole family will love.

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