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Gift Delivery

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Enjoy the ultimate in convenience: 4 or 8 dishes, professionally assembled and delivered directly to your (or someone else’s) home. Here’s how it works:

Order Online
1First, you’ll need to sign up online. It takes just a few minutes to choose a Gift Delivery window and select your favorites from our delicious monthly menu. Include any special instructions - we're happy to customize!

Put up your feet
2Your dishes will be packaged and shipped via next day delivery. Our customized shipping boxes keep them cool and fresh. (Place your meals in the fridge or freezer the same day they arrive.)

Ta-daa. Dinner!
3Whenever you're ready, follow the thawing and heating instructions on the label of each dish. Presto! A fabulous, home-cooked dinner the whole family will love.

* We deliver on a regional basis. To find out if Gift Delivery is available where you live, please email

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