Private Parties

At a Let's Dish! private party, you can spend time with friends AND prepare meals for your family at the same time. With enough guests, you’ll have the Let’s Dish! store to yourselves (requirements vary by store).* And, as an added bonus, everyone in your group will get the month’s dessert of the month added to his or her order absolutely FREE.

Interested in a group event? Let’s Dish! frequently hosts private events in our store for organizations or community groups. Find out more or schedule your group event at Let’s Dish! today!

Hosting a Party
With Let's Dish! you can host a party without lifting a finger (unless you count a few mouse clicks). Just go to the sign up page and select “Host a Private Party.”

You’ll choose a date from our private party calendar, then choose and pay for your own dishes. (Each of your guests will choose and pay for his or her own dishes.) You can even send email invitations directly from this site.

R.S.V.P.-ing to a Party
If you’ve been invited to a party, you can R.S.V.P. online at this site. Go to the sign up page and select “R.S.V.P. to a Private Party.” During the R.S.V.P. process, you’ll choose the dishes you want to make and pay for your dishing package. That’s all there is to it.

Dishing Up the Fun
On the day of the event, the Let's Dish! staff will have everything prepared and waiting. You and your friends get to dish about your lives, while dishing up dinner. Guests rotate through designated workstations for the dishes they chose from our monthly menu.

Leave the Mess to Us
Throughout your session, our talented (and fun) staff is available to answer questions, provide cooking tips, and clean up after you. It’s like having another mother. And, we mean that in a good way.

LINK: Sign up for a session  LINK: See our menus

*Ask your local store for more details.

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Ready to get the gang together and host a private party?

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Dear Let's Dish!,

We held a private party for our neighborhood at your store. Talk about a GREAT way for busy people to multitask! I was stunned at the amount of food we were able to take home and pop in the freezer. Who knew there was such a thing as the “magical kitchen fairy”?? Looking very forward to visiting you again.

Kelly S.


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