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In-Store Session
It’s the most productive two hours you’ll have all month. At a Let's Dish! In-Store Session, you’ll make 4, 8 or 12 great family-sized dishes (4-6 servings each). Here’s how it works:

Book Your Spot
First, you’ll need to sign up online. It takes just a few minutes to select a session, choose a menu, and pay by credit card. You can even invite a friend to come with you – ‘cuz we know you have at least one way-too-busy friend.

Get Ready to Dish
Clean out the freezer, toss the leftovers, and make some room
Dress casually (we’ll give you a very stylish apron and bandana for your hair)
Bring a cooler to carry your meals home – if you’re traveling more than 20 minutes, pack the cooler with ice.
Gear up for some adult time (due to health department regulations, young children cannot participate. Contact your local store for age requirements.)

At Your Session
There’s a designated workstation stocked with fresh ingredients for each dish on our monthly menu. You simply:
Rotate through the stations; we’ll remind you which recipes you chose
Follow the easy recipe directions (tweaking to suit your family’s tastes)
Assemble your dishes in the containers we provide, and
Enjoy a complimentary snack – and the company of your fellow dishers

Wow the Crowd at Home
When you get home, you’ll have to decide which dish to make first and put the rest in the freezer or refrigerator (as directed). To make your dish, follow the thawing and heating instructions on the label, and presto – applause and compliments. (Hey, it could happen.)

LINK: Sign up for a session  LINK: See our menus

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Put away that jar of spaghetti sauce, set the take-out menu aside. Give Let's Dish! a try.

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To get pricing information or see this month’s meals in your location:

Dear Let's Dish!,

I just have to say that dishing was the best two hours I have had in my whole cooking life!! We had a blast dishing it up with you! The meals were so tasty and my finicky children even came back for more. Thanks for making my dinners easier, interesting, and definitely more fun. I love it!!!! Till we dish again,



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