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Group Events

Let’s Dish! can accommodate groups for private events including everything from business functions such as team–building, networking and fundraising -- to friends & family functions such as baby and bridal showers. Schedule your group event at Let’s Dish! today!

Plan Your Event
We’ll work with you to customize the event to meet your needs, determine optimal group size, and choose the number of meals per person. Just go to the sign up page, choose a location, and select “Schedule a Group Let's Dish! Event.”


Dish Up the Fun
The event takes place at our store. Guests rotate through our workstations, assembling the dishes you or they chose from our monthly menu. We’ll even provide refreshments and snacks for people to enjoy throughout the party.

Leave the Mess to Us
Throughout your session, our talented (and fun) staff is available to answer questions, provide cooking tips, and clean up after you. Your guests just dish and go. (And, oh yes, bond over the chipotle sauce.) It couldn’t be easier.

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Dear Let's Dish!,

An outing to Let's Dish! is a win-win. It's a great way to introduce and reinforce conversations about customer value propositions; customer segmentation; and innovation in general. And, your team members will appreciate an experience that provides delicious and nutritious meals for their families.

HR Manager, Best Buy


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