Work, sports, lessons, homework supervision, volunteer activities, and oh, yeah, that fitness program you started - sometimes there just aren't enough hours in the day. When even picking up the food is impossible, we offer DishDelivery™. For an additional fee we'll do the dishing for you and deliver it to your door!

Pick `Em Out
First, sign up online:
Choose a DishDelivery™ day
Select the dishes you want to order, and
Enter your payment information.
Put up Your Feet
Your freshly prepared dishes will be packaged and shipped next day delivery, right to your door.

Pop `Em in the Oven
(or crockpot, wok, etc.)

Once you get home, promptly put your dishes in the freezer or refrigerator (as directed). When you’re ready to make a dish, follow the thawing and cooking instructions on the label, and presto – the chef is in!

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Put away that jar of spaghetti sauce, set the take-out menu aside, and save that boxed dinner for another day. Give Let's Dish! a try.

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Dear Let's Dish!,

When I found Dish-n-Dash®, it was like a dream come true. It takes just minutes online to order. When I come home late from work to face a mountain of household chores, it is such a relief and delight that a delicious home-cooked meal is minutes away.



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