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Do you want to put a delicious, wholesome meal on your family's table without busting your budget... or your waistline? We're so sure you'll love Let's Dish! that we're offering customers ("dishers") 50% off with today's living social offer.

Since 2004, we've been helping busy families put a tasty dinner on the table each night that even the pickiest eaters will enjoy. Through our DishDelivery service, you can pick out your meals, and specify exactly how you like them. Love garlic? We can add more to your meals! Hate spicy? We’ll skip the jalapenos. Allergic to gluten? Just let us know! We can prepare many of our meals to be gluten-free. It's dinner, your way... shipped right to your door.

We're not sure if it's our all-natural chicken, fresh ingredients, or stellar customer service that keeps dishers' coming back, but we do know that we've helped more than 100,000 Mid-Atlantic families enjoy healthy, convenient and delicious dinners. They love it, and, after redeeming your living social offer, we're sure you will too!

Frequently Asked Questions

Click here for instructions on how to redeem your living social voucher

I don’t cook (We usually get take-out!). How easy is it to cook these meals?
Each meal comes with detailed cooking instructions that anyone can follow, even those who are, say, "kitchen-challenged." Our meals include fresh ingredients like locally-sourced beef, whole grains and crisp veggies. The easy-to-follow directions include your stovetop, oven, crock-pot or grill. The best part? Many of our meals can be pulled out of your freezer and on your table in under 30 minutes. It’s much cheaper then take-out, and our meals are generally much healthier!

What exactly do I get?
With this living social offer, you'll sign up to make one meal during one of our in-store sessions. This meal will serve 4-6, but you can split it into 2 smaller 2-3 serving meals. You'll also pick out a side and dessert out of our Ready Made Case.

Can I upgrade?
Yes! You can use your voucher towards a 4-, 8- or 12-meal session. Check out the redemption instructions here.

Need Help? Email, or call us at 703-359-1450.

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