About Our Menus

Our menus change monthly, but the ingredients are always fresh and the selection is always outstanding. From updated family favorites like “Ravioli Lasagna” to elegant restaurant fare like “Sirloin Tips in Merlot,” there’s something for everyone. See this month’s menu (dishes may vary in some locations).

Chef-Created, Real-People Tested
All of our recipes are created by a team of culinary professionals. But, more importantly, they’re tested by actual consumers, who determine whether they’re good enough, easy enough, and if they can be prepared with a toddler hanging onto one leg.

Risk-Free Culinary Adventures
Let’s face it, sometimes you barely have spaghetti in the cupboard, much less exotic ingredients for ethnic cooking. At Let’s Dish! you can try dishes based on cultures all around the world (without having to commit to a jar of chile-garlic paste).

Any Way You Want It
You’re the chef, so you get to make the executive decisions. Small household? Split our six serving meals in half. Don’t like onions? Ditch the onions. Love garlic? Add more. You can even throw a dinner party for 12 by doubling up on a few dishes.

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